Personality Traits- Part Two

Wyatt, #2, is pure mama’s boy.  Sometimes he hugs me so hard, I think I might pass out.  He usually likes to be held in the morning for at least 10 minutes or so, sometimes longer. He’s a cuddler, all right, but he’s also a ball full of energy, & usually prefers jumping to walking.  He’s been able to jump up & land on both feet pretty much since he’s been walking. 

We’re still working on his grasp of language- right now instead of hearing, “Wyatt, it’s time to get dressed” he hears, “Turn around and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction… GO!….GO!….GO!”

I used to think we lost so many of his toothbrushes because his natural curiosity prompted him to stick them in remote places just to see what would happen.  Now I know better- this kid is smart.  When my back is turned, he’s learned to “hide” them in obscure locations to stave off the actual brushing itself… gotta give him points for trying.

Wyatt has always loved books, even from a very young age– something Max didn’t get into until much later.  His favorite right now is “Fiddle-I-Fee” (or fee-fee if you’re Wyatt).  I have to read it before every bed & nap time, first in the rocker, and then again after he’s in his crib.  It’s all about the routines & rituals right now.

It wasn’t until we played with a couple of much more timid types that I realized what a daredevil he is.  I guess I just thought all toddlers this age took their parents to the brink of dementia on a regular basis.  Tell him not to go near the street?  You just invented a fun game of “give mommy a heart attack”.   I admire his spunk, and it’s hard to be mad when he finds so much joy in the act of outright disobedience, but man, this kid is going to give me gray hairs well before my due time.

I read somewhere that first-borns are usually the more assertive ones, while the babies are the charmers.  I think that definitely describes our family so far.  Wyatt, although he’s developed a little “tude” lately, is almost always smiling & playing the little flirt.  One quick bat of those mile-long lashes and a dimpley grin & you don’t stand a chance….. you’re his.



5 Responses

  1. i have never seen 2 boys that look so much alike and look so very different at the same time! you have the sweetest boys…they are so blessed to have you and William as parents.

    thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. My first two are a lot like yours. Ewan is very attached to his daddy too and I have struggled with the same feelings of being left out. When Isaac was born he was was very attached to me. It wasn’t until Isaac was 3 that he started showing more interest in Daddy. Now he thinks Daddy hung the moon and he and Ewan both fight for his attention.

    It really is fun to see how their personalities develop as they get older!

    We always knew that Ewan was an extrovert as a baby but now that we have Isaac’s personality to compare it with we realize that he REALLY is a super extrovert.

    I like how you described the stage vs. personality aspects of development in the previous post. I think you are onto something.

  3. You weren’t kidding about those eyelashes either! They are beautiful!

  4. How could we resist a face like that? Spaghetti sauce and all!! :o) I love to see kids eat spaghetti. It gets everywhere and some even gets in their mouths. heehee!

  5. That my dear, is a prom photo!

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