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Could’ve been worse…

I feel like I haven’t posted any projects in a while…. although I’ve been really busy, I’ve been making a few repeats & a couple of things that I forgot to photograph,  including a really cute baby blanket- oops!  The weather has been absolutely perfect here the past few days, so we’ve been trying to get out as much as possible.  Plus, I try not to work while I have the boys at home…. for obvious reasons, but also because if I leave them to their own devices for too long, stuff like this happens: 

It could’ve been worse… 

Have a great day everyone.


7 Responses

  1. he is making a Zen Garden

  2. I was wondering when you did your projects….After this picture, I don’t blame you for trying to do them while the boys aren’t there. I am sure he had very good intentions! ; )

  3. Hi Lauren:

    How can I contact you to discuss a custom item?


  4. he could have found the eggs, flour, vanilla and whipped himself up a concoction on the floor that would have taken you days to clean. : )

  5. ummm… BABY blanket?


  6. it could have been liquid soap or oil or chocolate sauce. Was he smiling when you caught him? I bet he was. :o)

  7. oh… I get it now. the OOPS was cause you forgot to take the pictures, not oops, I just hinted that I could be preggo”.

    darn. I kinda had my hopes up for a little party of five.

    don’t mind me. I’ll go back to QUIETLY wishing good people would have more kids.

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