Feelin’ Blobby

A couple times a year I think my body goes through a cycle where it just wants to hold onto all of the bad stuff I’ve been putting into it.  Conversely, I think there are also times of the year where it seems I can eat whatever I want with pretty much no consequences.   Right now, I’m experiencing the former.  Despite my efforts to eat more fresh veggies & salad, as well as trying to make it to the gym more often, etc.  I’ve still managed to put on 6 pounds!  True, I have been a little bit (ok, A LOT bit) on a sugar kick lately, but 6 pounds???  C’mon!!  When this happens, I know it’s time to tweak my habits.

Yesterday, my belly was so bloated, I looked like I was 6 months pregnant.  I was uncomfortable all weekend,  and just feeling the need to “cleanse”.   I am past the stage in my life where I am interested in dieting,  but I do think there is something to detoxifying your system every now and then.   A couple of years ago, I tried the Fat Flush Plan,  and I did lose weight, but it was so strict, and I gave up so many things cold turkey (like caffeine, among others) that I got so sick I had to stop.  I think the eating plan does have merit, it’s just a little extreme to jump into all at once. 

But I do think I can take away a few things from that experience that would help me now.  This is what I’m willing to do:

1.)   Drink more water.

2.)   Eat more raw foods and less processed foods.

3.)    Stop the mindless snacking in between meals.

4.)    Cut out the processed sugar for a while.

5.)    Exercise more.

There are a few things I am not willing to give up.  These include my morning coffee (complete with sugar and powdered creamer),  whatever kind of fruit i feel like having (a lot of diets restrict certain fruits because of the sugar content),  meat, salt, and bread & pasta (although I probably will cut back a bit & try to use whole grain versions wherever possible).

I heard somewhere (Oprah, maybe?)  that it takes 21 days to break a habit.  I’m not sure if I can break my sugar habit while still enjoying it in my morning coffee, but I’m willing to give it a go… something’s better than nothing, right?  I do also see benefits to preparing more meatless meals, although I am by no means going veggie. 

Yesterday, I had an almost meatless day, using only about half a baked chicken breast on my salad at dinner.  I used this recipe to make a delicious hummus spread for lunch (Wyatt is also a big fan of hummus).  I did add a little garlic salt and extra water to the recipe.  The only processed sugar I had all day (other than my coffee) was a couple of small bites of Wyatt’s water ice.  For me, that’s really good!!

I’m not sure how long I’ll manage, but the goal is breaking the bad habits, and forming new, good habits in order to feel better.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Good luck!

    I really think that’s the way to do it – to just make small changes over long periods of time. I’ve tried the giving up this or that completely before and it just doesn’t work for the long run!

  2. I, for the sake of your diet, am willing to eat all the snacks and sugar in our house.

  3. Thanks, Bill. I knew I could count on your support.

  4. I think you should still get some protein in there. Whether it be meat, tofu, soy, etc. You definitely need that for energy.

    Your husband is so supportive and will always “take one for the team”. You’re a lucky gal. : )

  5. Love the idea. I have been on well my “life change” for 19 days now. It’s great, I do eat the sugary things but just not like I used too. I def have a craving now for the fresh things. Which in my book is a huge +.

  6. Years ago when we lived in married student housing in Tennessee, I really loved the sweet tea served all over the South and always in our fridge. A cup of sugar in a gallon was about right.
    After we moved here to Illinois, I was shocked to learn I had to ask for sugar to add to iced tea. A couple places didn’t even have tea at all, only carbonated drinks.

    It took awhile, actually about 5 years of cutting out a little bit at a time, but I learned to drink tea without sugar!!! and did so for 20 years.
    Nowadays, in order to save money, and for better health, I asked for a glass of water at a restaurant.

    Which goes to show, given enough time, the sugar habit can be broken.
    Good Luck!

  7. i like your goals for eating healthier… its hard to change everything all at once, tho! i am trying to start exercising again, i think my mind needs it more with nursing school getting more and more intense…

    hey – i am going to send you an email… be on the lookout, ok?

  8. Luck!!

    Good for you, darlin!

    I hate that “diet” word, but have felt compelled to change some of my eating habits a bit as well. I’ve tried to do it a couple of times this year, without success, but am back “on the wagon” now — eating Healthy Choice soups for lunch, and bringing the “100 calorie packs” to work for a snack.

    I’m not willing to give up Coca-Cola, but I will cut back on that and the amount of sugary snacks I eat.

    I blame age for the shift in body weight. 😉

  9. I have a list of similar things written down that I keep intending on starting…..you know….tomorrow….

    I’ve had it written down for about a month and a half. Here it is:

    1)Don’t eat after 7pm–but the ice cream in the freezer calls my name sometimes!

    2)Snack on veggies and fruit–cut out the processed sugar

    3)Eat smaller portions

    4)Exercise more

    5)Drink enough water. I usually drink nothing but water anyway–except for my morning coffee but somedays I don’t drink enough.

    6)No emotional eating

    I have given up sugar before and am seriously considering giving it up again for a while–except for my morning coffee which HAS to have cream and sugar in it too.

    Last time I gave up the sugar I allowed myself one day a week to splurge on a coke or dessert. Seeing it all in writing makes me want to start doing that again….you know….tomorrow.

    I have also learned that sugar decreases the immune systems ability to fight off sickness and I hate being sick so it is another reason to cut out the processed stuff.

    My motivation is to get back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes but my body won’t lose the last 8 lbs until the baby is done nursing. (That is what happened with the last 2). I am not one of the lucky ones who lose all the weight with breastfeeding–my body does the opposite! I figure if I am doing all the healthy eating habits now then when the baby is done with nursing those last few pounds will just melt away and I won’t have to do anything extra to make it happen.

  10. FYI… of all the ‘meatless’ substitutes I tried during lent when I gave up meat, Morningstar Farms is one of the better brands.

    Boca makes a decent meatless chicken patty.. that heated up, sliced and dipped in ranch is a great ‘pretend’ chicken fingers… all the protien, fraction of fats.

    the fake beef and chicken strips are nasty though. seriously.

    also egg-beaters are a quick and easy substitute to use in baked goods. cuts calories, fat, AND cholesterol. or do a mix of real eggs and beaters, if Bill is anywhere as near difficult/suddenly mr kitchen connosuer (sp) as my husband can be.

    either way.. good luck!!!

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