Three Day Weekend

Bill took two days off work last Wednesday and today to spend with the family.  After several days of playing superheroes, trains, and wrestle, he can’t wait to get back to work for a little R & R.  His presence at home did allow me some extra time to work on some more of my projects.  Here’s part one for the bride:

Monogrammed hand towels.  Boy did these give me trouble!  I can’t figure out if it’s the slippery microfiber toweling I used, or just the fact that “S” is a sucky letter to embroider, but I think I now have carpel tunnel in my fingers & hands, if that’s even possible.  Too bad the lucky guy’s last name isn’t Turner or something with an “I”…. I was having so much trouble moving them through my machine that I even had to break out Ye Olde embroidery hoop:


 I’m happy to do it though. Part Deux includes a pillow and an apron…..

Oh- I almost forgot- one of my shirts was featured on Trendy Tots today!  It’s a great blog that focuses on fresh finds for kidlets, babes, & parents, mostly from Etsy & the like.  Check it  out!  


5 Responses

  1. At least the towel trouble was worth it–they’re gorgeous! I love the fabrics and colors you used. How tough do you think a Y would be? 🙂

  2. They look great! I agree with Sharkey, I also love the fabrics and colors you used.

  3. You are so talented! And congrats for the feature but also a thank you for the link – what a great site!

  4. Beautiful items! Congrats on the Trendy Tots acknowledgement too, well deserved!

  5. Those are gorgeous! Lucky bride and groom!

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