Preparing for Easter

One of the many treats we’re having for the Easter holiday this year is birds’ nests– these are so fun & easy to make with the kidlets, and I think they look great.

Basically, you just melt chocolate chips in the microwave, then stir in a package of chow mein noodles until they are totally coated.  Then, you scoop & form little “nests” onto waxed paper & wait for them to harden completely.  Once they’re dry & hard (that’s what she said), you “glue” the eggs in with peanut butter.

I personally like to use the Cadbury Mini-Eggs, because they’re sooo delicious, and they look most like the real thing, but I’ve seen people use jelly beans, jordan almonds, malted milk eggs, or even yogurt raisins.  The only think I might change about the process is the peanut butter- it’s ok, but it sometimes shows around the edges, & doesn’t always stick as well as you need it to…. I think using a little bit of melted chocolate as glue instead could resolve this problem- you’d just have to melt it in small batches so it doesn’t cool too fast.

What holiday treats are you making this year?


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  1. “doesn’t always stick as well as you need it to”

    THAT’s what she said.

  2. These look yummy! I think that I will get the stuff and make them. I am with you on the Cadbury mini eggs…Yum-O! As for me making anything, I have not a menu yet, but this has just been added to it. Thanks!

  3. These are the cutest things!

  4. Adorable! I am making a bacon and cheese quiche for brunch at my inlaws! My MIL is a great cook and always has loads of tasty treats.

  5. Um, I’m totally making these. Love this!

  6. I make something similar and use equal amounts of chocolate chips as well as butterscotch chips, I like the combination!

  7. I made these also. Instead of using the peanut butter, I just stuck the eggs (m&m’s eggs) on before the nests were dry. That way I didn’t have to worry about the pb showing or melting smaller amounts of chocolate.

    Lauren, I might have to stop reading your blog. I had planned on making these earlier in the week, as I had seen them as I was searching for fun Easter party treats. Then I see your picture of your perfect nests & then I see how my nests turn out…not quite up to Mrs. Poop&Boogies standards! On top of that, your site also is now making me spend money on new adorable shirts for my girls. So I may just have to stick to reading poopandboogies!

  8. Those are adorable. We’ve been battling various illnesses over here – so I’m lucky we got the eggs colored. And now I’m off to put together the baskets.
    Those are so cute though – I’m going to bookmark this and come back to it for next year! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I make those too but also add butterscotch chips. I never thought about making them into little nests at Easter time though! What a cute idea!

    By the way, we have been making the magnet craft you posted about and the kids love looking for pictures! I am on the lookout for dinosaurs whenever a new magazine comes in the mail. I haven’t tried printing out stuff on the computer yet. They really enjoy having their “own” magnets!

  10. OMG…those are so stinkin’ adorable. Must force my brain to remember those for next year!!!

  11. Gosh, candy and an Office reference all in one post? I love it!

    They look great! I think even I could make them!

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