The Bus

In general, I try not to complain.  I know I probably do it too much anyway, but I try to keep it to a minimum…. publicly, at least– this doesn’t count my close family & friends- sorry, guys! 

However, sometimes complaining is a necessary evil to help oneself laugh at the chaos that can so quickly and easily erupt in a household with two wee ones under the age of four.  It’s also a good way to let your husband know he’d better watch it, or you might just have to whip out some kung fu on his ass.  So, here it goes.

To use one of my beloved’s phrases, what is up with him consistently “throwing me under the bus” every morning before work???? 

Example from this morning:

Bill:    “Hey, Max, you’re going to school today, are you going to have fun?  Oh–wait–  you don’t have school today….. nevermind”.


Bill:  “Sorry, hon, gotta go to work- see ya”.

 Me:   “Thanks.”

Another example (also from this morning):

Max has a little jingle bell he took to bed with him, and is playing with it.  He puts it down & Wyatt picks it up. 



Bill:  “It’s ok, Wyatt, Mommy will get you another bell!  I gotta go to work…. see ya!”

(There are no more bells.)

Me & Wyatt:  “WWWAAAHHHH!!!!!!”


9 Responses

  1. OMG when you do whip out some kung fu on Bill’s ass… PLEASE make sure there is a camera recording. PLEASE!

  2. Oh yes, the kung fu ass kicking definitely needs to be recorded and shared with the internet!

  3. that almost happened here the other day but i think my husband saw the look on my face and reconsidered. we were getting ready for the morning and the 4 and 3 year old had decided to get the dry erase markers and color all over the carpet steps. i was about to go lay the baby down for a nap and he started to say (after scolding the boys)….”sorry guys i gotta go to chapel/school”. he wisely decided to skip chapel and help clean up while i laid the baby down. he won some points for that one but i have been thrown under the bus a few times myself!

    i am right with ya! kung fu sounds in order!

  4. Yeah, Bill definitely needs some wup ass! The next time he stays home with the kids try something exactly like that, then walk out the door. Really try to get the little ones riled up before you leave. That way Bill will understand the way you feel.

  5. Men always leave us to take care of the battles. Especially when they start them!

  6. What is sad is that MOMS won’t do mean things like that to their children just to get back at their meanie Daddies. We are nice and make cookies annd stuff.

  7. I cam just laugh! The last time Bruce was home after we woke Bronte got to school 30 minutes late after having a crying spat for over 1hour.
    Kick him out before you all get up that will solve all the morning troubles LOL!

  8. Amen sister!

  9. This is why I went back to work…but it took me 17 years!!!

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