A New Shirt

Here’s a new shirt that will (hopefully) be listed sold in my Etsy shop later today:


I like it for spring- there’s a lot of different colors in the letter, so you could pair it with a variety of different colored bottoms….

Oh, and much, much thanks to everyone who’s placed orders over the past week or so- I’ve been having so much fun, and appreciate your faith in me!! 

Have a great Monday!


5 Responses

  1. I love it! It’s so springy, haha. The pattern on the letter is too cute.

  2. Happy Birthday a day (or so) late! I love the shirt–so cute!

  3. This is so Pretty – I Love the custom M t-shirt.
    Where could you get the time to make all these beautiful thing to sell 🙂
    MMMMM for me Maybe not going to bed before 1am helps a little LOL – Would you believe I was on my computer drinking a cup of tea at about 12.30am the other night. CRAZY!

  4. Are you a self-taught crafter/seamstress? I am wanting to learn to sew so badly! I just haven’t found the time to sign up for a class at the local sewing shop. I guess if I wait for time to magically appear it will never happen! :o)

    Love your designs. They are very cheerful and sweet. Do you make adult/teen sized t-shirts? Why should babies have all the cute stuff??

  5. Sorry, I had to remove this shirt from the shop since I got some orders & now I need to order more blank yellow tees… Thanks Michelle!

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