Swap package is here!


Ok, so this is a few days over due– my apologies to the sweet and talented Sarah C, as she clearly has a heart of gold and mad creative skills to boot.  She also must have an incredible amount of energy or insomnia….

We got our swap package from our Aussie partners, Bronte and Miranda on Thursday, right before we had to leave to take Max to pre-school.  All I can say is…… wow!  Did we get the better end of that deal!  Can you BELIEVE how much stuff is here?!?  And shipped from AUSTRALIA???

 I don’t even know where to start, there was more stuff crammed in this thing than I could’ve ever imagined….  I am completely shamed and now embarrassed at what I sent to them!!   🙂

It started with two big drawstring bags with each of the boys’ initials on them:


Inside, we found all kinds of goodies, including pencil rolls (notice the Aussie fabric),

aprons, stickers, and check these guys out:


Cosmonauts!  I think Bill & I will be playing with them after the boys go to bed. 

 There was also a pennant that we used for Max’s party, two dress up crowns, two rad “bat” shirts, a bag & recipe for me, a coaster for “Captain Layabout” (HA!), and some little resin animals for Max.   Oh, and these adorable little books:


They’re all stories featuring native Aussie animals.  There was also a bedtime story, a CD, and a bunch of maps, Sydney bus schedules, and postcards.  Sarah, you really put a lot of thought into this package- from your use of fabrics, to my boys’ interests- you spent a lot of time & energy & we’re ever so grateful.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


8 Responses

  1. Our boys are so handsome. And Sarah C rocks.

  2. how very fun!!! what great “things” and great memories you and your swap family are making!

    and yes, William…those boys are handsome!!!

  3. Y’all made out with some great things!

  4. Lovely booty! I love the picture of the boys with their crowns on.
    Nice work, Sarah!

  5. 😦 my silly computer will only load some photos on all flickr and blog sites so I can only see 2 pics……Your photo’s sure do my work justice. Insomniac? I think I sleep more than you LOL.
    Glad you loved the swap package we loved making it.

  6. I can see now – I have uninstalled photoshop and can now see?????????

    Wow sure looks like you had lots of fun at the party!

  7. Hey, I wanted to say that I ordered the pink shirt with the letter from your Etsy. Thank you so much for putting it on there. I can’t wait to get it!

  8. That is a great package! Wonderful stuff from Down under. Cool beans.

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