Happy Mother’s Day

This past Saturday was my first son, Maxfield’s birthday.  He turned 4.  My Father-in-law used to always wish me a Happy Mother’s Day on his birthday, a sentiment that always made me smile.

It was a day filled with trains, superheroes, cupcakes, family, friends, more superheroes, and only one meltdown:

Of course, almost every gift we got him required batteries (which we forgot- rookies!) and an advanced degree to assemble.  The big wheel is probably overdue by about a year or so, but he still didn’t have one, and sometimes big wheels are just better than bikes…. plus, little bro can take it for a spin.

Sportin’ a gift from mom, superhero style…

The cake- before it “melted”.  It wasn’t an ice cream cake- don’t ask me what happened!

The wish:  “That we can all go to the zoo!”  Doesn’t that just make your heart melt?!?

A good time was had by all.  Thanks to everyone who celebrated!

Incidentally, we received our package from our Aussie swap partners two days before Max’s big day, so he had some added birthday surprises!  I’ll post more on that later, but let me just say Sarah C totally rocks!!!!!!


8 Responses

  1. Happy birthday to Max! I love the superhero cape!

  2. Happy Birthday Max!

    Okay, when are you opening your online shop, because I need to order about 500 things from you!
    The superman cape! Seriously!? I LOVE IT.
    Jeremiah needs one of those! Right now he’s going through his ‘cowboy’ hat phase, but the superhero phase will be kicking in soon.

    You get your stuff up online and I will promote the hell out if it!!

  3. OMG!! IT’S UP!!! disregard the last message..minus the happy birthday part.

  4. My 4 year old is into superheroes too and I made him a super hero cape with his initials on it. He loved it! It was a spiderman themed party and those boys loved the capes (all the guests got one). It is a good thing that they aren’t too particular about the sewing job because I am nowhere near the craftswoman you are!

  5. I left out that it was for his 4 year old birthday party. Oops. 🙂

  6. Wow, that boy sure had a fun birthday! Congrats on being 4 Max.

  7. Do you have a family pass to the zoo (Don’t know how close you actually are to one)? They are very awesome. We live in Tennessee, and are close to Nashville. Bought a family pass 3 years ago and use it often. It is great for vacations, because we plan our trips to bypass another zoo or 2 and get into those for free and half-price because of the reciprocal zoo programs. It is great for our family of 5, and it allows for one guest with every visit. Happy Birthday to Max the super hero.

  8. Hey Lauren, I’ve been perusing your site for about 10 minutes now and have had so much fun reading about you guys! I’ve been reading Poop & Boogies for quite a while now and it’s so nice to meet “Poop’s” other half!

    I actually saw some of your stuff on Etsy a while back but didn’t know it was you. Your stuff is amazing! I am amazed by people that can sew so well.

    Cute cake!

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