Wake up call

Wyatt has been teething for several weeks now- stomach & eye, all four at once.  He has not only been waking in the middle of the night, but he’s also been getting up for the day somewhere between 4 & 5 a.m.  Over the weekend, I think the last of the four finally broke through, and we’ve been enjoying him “sleeping in” until almost 6 a.m.  Or, I should say, Bill has been enjoying him sleeping in, since my internal clock is still set on the 4 a.m. wake up call.  So….. this is what I was doing in the 4 o’clock hour:

Cutting ribbons for more play blankets…

Once Wyatt caught wind of what I was doing, he wanted in….

This has trouble written all over it….

Incidentally, a huge THANKS to everyone who has inquired about my creations.  The Etsy shop will be (finally) opening this week, and I plan on having a kick-off giveaway, and special gifts for the first however many orders….. (I haven’t figured out how many yet).  So keep checking back- it should be fun!


5 Responses

  1. I love all the ribbon colors! Too cute!! Can’t wait to see all of your creations in the Etsy shop!

  2. The things that you have made look wonderful. This must keep all your spare time occupied. (I am a patchwork and quilter myself, so I know how much time it all takes)
    I love the peas in the pod ,bib . I might have to order some of those, for my niece’s twins.

  3. Is that the internal clock I got you for Christmas?

  4. I can’t wait to see what all you will have at Etsy. I buy several items from there for Kelsie. I adore pillow case dresses, and I don’t want to try and make them so I just get them from there!

  5. Ugh I hate the internal clock. Also the restless feeling you get on a night when everyone actually sleeps THROUGH and yet you are looking at the clock. Again. Bleh. Gorgeous ribbons! And more gorgeous dimples on Wyatt!

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