This week’s projects

A new bib (reversible) and progress on some baby blankets:


12 Responses

  1. I think all bibs should be red or brown. It hides the stains later.

  2. I love, LOVE the apple print on the blanket!

  3. My favorite print, the apples/pears from Alexander Henry. You picked great matches for that blanket! And the bib is darling, almost too cute to wear.

  4. I am loving this bib very bright and cheerful – but What I really want to know is how do you get the black background – It looks like your items are floating in pitch black space. It really makes them stand out.

  5. Ah, the power of Photoshop!

  6. Your creations are all very pretty.

  7. THe bib is cute but my daughter is looking for a toddler-proof bib! One her 1 year-old cannot pull off!! probably know what I am talking about too.

  8. Why don’t adults wear bibs? Seriously, such a shame. Fashion accessory opportunity gone to waste!

  9. Oh!!! I love that bib!!!!

  10. Kalki, a friend of mine actually has an adult bib and she’s way into her adulthood. I’m not sure where she got it though.

  11. Lauren I have a question about creating some custom shirts for my son’s first birthday (way off in June – what can I say – I’m a planner!) Can you email me so we can dialogue offline? Thanks in advance!

  12. Hi Lauren, your creations are BEAUTIFUL! I went to your Etsy shop, but there is nothing available. Do you know when you will have more items? Can I order one of those beautiful letter or number t-shirts? Can you please email me too? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and your husband’s. I have been cracking up about the valentine and the stud finder all day. Loved it!!

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