Oh, to be a boy

Yesterday was unseasonable warm, so, after a solid week+ of bronchitis & ear infections, it was nice to be able to get the boys out of the house for some outdoor playtime.  Since our backyard has not been “scooped” all winter long, we decided to avoid it altogether & go to a nearby park. 

I really love our neighborhood.  We totally lucked out with the house we ended up buying- although it needs some work, it has almost all of our criteria: close proximity to our families/friends, good school district, right number of bedrooms, lots of families with small children, good amount of potential for upgrades, fenced backyard, playground in the neighborhood- the list goes on and on.  We decided to be very picky this time around since, hopefully, this will be our last move.

I realized yesterday, the only thing that would make our neighborhood more perfect would be the presence of some sort of stream or creek.  There was one in my neighborhood growing up, and I have so many fond memories: turning over rocks to find crayfish, setting sail to homemade milk carton boats, getting my feet wet as I tried to cross the rocks, etc. 

Yesterday at the park there was a stream.  I realized a few things:

1.  When you’re a boy, throwing stones in the creek trumps the playground any day of the week.

2.  Wyatt could use some puddle boots.

3.  Max has been spending way too much time with Superheros- meet Superman and Dr. Octopus.

4.  I truly am one of the luckiest people in the world, creek or no creek.  What an honor to help facilitate and to witness (hopefully) the building of wonderful childhood memories for my own little conquerors. 

Have a great day, everyone.


10 Responses

  1. your boys are beautiful and so is your family!!! even moreso because you know exactly how lucky you are :} thanks for sharing the pics- the boys are growing up SO fast!!!

  2. Max of course named the ducks.

  3. I remember doing exactly what you did. We would skip rocks across the creek bed, see who could jump from one side to another…such fun. Glad to see that your boys are enjoying it too.

  4. Hey, I just ran across your blog and started reading…It was really interesting. I would love to have the neighborhood you have! We live on a busy street in town, there is a park right down the street, but no sidewalks, the school is great, within walking distance, but then again, no sidewalks! I had the very stream you are speaking of across the street from my house when I was growing up. Oh, the things that I played in that water..

  5. They are too cute. I remember the stream in the reservation near where I grew up, it was so much fun to wade through it for. hours. and. hours. on. end!!! Thanks for bringing back the old memories!

  6. Streams are so much fun! Great pictures – I lvoe to see your boys. Wyatt is getting SO BIG! (er… bigger?)

  7. I’ve got two boys who are 4 and 3 and you are right, throwing rocks, sticks, acorns, whatever the nearby object, is more fun than just about anything else! It is so fun to watch them explore their world! I have a 5 month old boy too so I think he will happily follow in their footsteps.

    My 4 year old got interested in superheros when he was 3 and my 3 year old has followed suit. They love Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Rescue Heroes, and Planet Heroes.

  8. We do not have a stream 😦 and I didn’t growing up – gutters can be fun too though! I think we can make great childhood memories for our kids where ever we are – as a parent I think it is the letting go when the memories are created.

    This looked like a great park visit. Yeah for clear days to get out.

  9. Beautiful photos!

    Do you have an email address that I can email you at? I wanted to respond to a comment you made over at my place.

  10. Lovely post. And Max has some supercool boots.

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