Let them eat soup

So I’ve been thinking about this whole blogging thing for a while, trying to come up with the perfect post, something creative, interesting, significant.  I mean, after all, it is my FIRST post ever, right?  Well, truth be told, I got nothin’.

Have you ever tried to force something creative out of yourself?  It just doesn’t work.  So I just decided to approach this whole blogging thing the same way I would approach an art, craft, or sewing project- just let go & let it flow, mama! (easier said than done).

So, in lieu of trying to be witty or poignant, I’m just writing today what comes to me. My deep philosophies on the meaning of life will have to come another day.  Right now, I am running back and forth between my computer and my stove, making soup for my 19 month old for breakfast.  “Soup for breakfast?” you say, and I answer, “Yes!” At 19 months,  there aren’t too many things this boy can ask for that I actually understand, and today, he looked in the pantry, pointed, and most definitely asked for soup (Chicken Noodle, one ice cube, in case you were wondering).  Today is his lucky day.

We’re also working on our package for miniswap 3 today.  We are sooooo excited to have gotten a super nice family from Sydney, Australia as our swap partner.  I’m not sure if the boys quite get what we’re doing, but they’ll definitely love getting a package from the other side of the pond.  The package is to be kid-oriented, and mostly handmade or gently used items.  Our swap family has two little girls, so I’m just beside myself with giddy-ness as to what I can include for them- oh, the ideas I have!  More updates on this to come…

Some of the things I’ve been working on this week are baby gift sets.  Here is one for a boy:


 And a female version:

I just love the Tracy Porter fabric on the boy set, and the sweet peas on the girl’s.  These sets will be available for purchase on my Etsy shop which is coming soon!  Hopefully they’ll make their new owners very warm & happy.

Well, off to start my day- there are noses to wipe, teeth to brush, laundery to do, breakfast to clean up (the dog loved the soup, by the way).  Thanks for stopping by, & come again soon.


22 Responses

  1. Of course the dog loved the soup.

  2. Hey Lauren,

    I’m Teri and I’ve been a visitor of Bill’s for almost two years now. I’m glad you’re starting a blog, make it your own and not what you think people will want.

    I LOVE the stuff you make. Maybe you could make a little store to go with your blog? I’m sure folks would buy the great stuff you make.

    Can’t wait to read more.

  3. I am having spaghetti o’s for breakfast so I get the soup thing. Also, you should know that I have been using your husband to get to you. Looks like my little plan worked because here you are blogging. I can’t wait to read your posts. Did I miss it, did you make those because if you did, you just earned yourself 888 fabulous points.

  4. Wow!! Those gifts sets are great.

    As for breakfast, my toddler is on a popcorn and freezed-dried peas kick right now.
    I might start my own breakfast cereal line.

  5. Hello,

    I also visit your husband’s blog and love his stories of your family’s life. You’re very talented – I love the little tags on the blankets (kids love those!).

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you and seeing your store.

  6. It’s awesome to see (read) the female side of the family…I’m sure Bill will provide many post topics going forward! The baby stuff is incredible! Good luck with the new blog!

  7. You creative thing, you!

    The swap looks like a blast. I hope to jump in sometime soon.

    I miss you!

  8. I’m also over from your husband’s blog, which I think is so funny by the way, and now I’ll just go ahead and bookmark your site as well.

    Your shirts are unbelievably cute. Would love to see your etsy shop when you get it set up!

  9. I am Sooooo excited you have your own post now I can read your perspective on your family life.

    WOW! your sewing products are Fantastic – I know my girls will be looooving anything coming from your boys 🙂

    I look forward to reading more – love the soup for breakfast – today I had peanut butter, honey and banana on toast! Goes it with weetbix and cream for dessert.

  10. [waving]

    Hi Lauren!! You make such gorgeous things! So glad your’e getting an Etsy shop underway…

  11. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  12. Hello Lauren, I think this was a lovely debut post. I am surprised you have time for anything. I am a big fan of your tiling. You really set the bar high for us ladies.
    The clothes that you have shown are so sweet. My daughter would have loved them when she was 3. She was quite the fan of the letter ‘L’. Too old now I suppose at 22.
    Good luck with getting loads of orders. I think you will do well.

  13. welcome to the blogging world!

    I am going to have to buy some of those cute gift sets. can you let me know when your site is up?

  14. Can you also let me know when your etsy shop is up? I love your stuff!!

  15. hi lauren!!!
    so very glad you are starting your own blog ~ and your stuff is GORGEOUS!!! i love those blankets with the little tags on them… looking forward to your deep philosophical posts as well as the everyday ones!


  16. there are two sides to every story, and from your husband’s blog, I can’t wait to hear your sides to his stories!!! 🙂 Welcome to the blogging world!!!

  17. Welcome to the blogosphere!
    I love your blog name, very cute. How did you come up with it?
    Your pics aren’t coming through for me 😦

  18. Your mad creative skills intimidate the hell outta me.

    I sit in awe.

  19. Hi Lauren! Welcome to blogging! I’ve been reading your husband’s blog for a while now and can tell he worships you (as he should!) Looking forward to reading more from you and seeing your etsy shop.

  20. Lamblow~
    I need to order one of these sets for my girlfriend Jess who is expecting a little girl, so cute!!!! I love your new blog! And for being one of my bestest buddies, I learned some interesting new info on you that I was quite unaware of!? Interesting……….Anways, you rock! and I gotta agree with CircusKelli, you do have mad skills!!!!!!

  21. Hi! Just discovered your blog. Looks like a good one to add to my Reader. Have fun with it!

  22. Those are such adorable little sets!

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